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**This is a guest post presented by Distinctive Dentistry by Mullens & Nguyen** Your wedding video is important for several reasons. Of course, it captures one of the most important days of your life, but it also can’t be altered afterward; there are no do-overs. So, naturally, you want to feel your absolute best so […]

5 Easy Tips to Feel Your Best in Your Wedding Video

wedding video

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Here is what you need to know about romantic wedding locations: Your wedding day may just be the most romantic day of your life. That’s kind of a given, right? What better way to accomplish that than by choosing a romantic wedding location? You and the person you cherish most in the world publicly professing […]

7 Most Romantic Wedding Locations

romantic wedding location at the beach

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Have you ever dreamed of running away to Greece for a wildly romantic, breathtakingly beautiful elopement straight out of a fairytale? Well, you’re not alone. While some people grow up fantasizing about little white chapels and high-dollar ballrooms, others dream of a Santorini elopement. Picture it: The pristine white buildings. The unbelievable azure waters of […]

5 Tips for the Perfect Santorini Elopement

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Odds are you’ve heard the old adage about what every bride should have on her wedding day: Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. But … what is this? And what does it even mean? Lesson time! This saying (and subsequent wedding tradition) dates back to 19th-century Lancashire. It actually describes the FIVE […]

Finding ‘Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue’

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Get your Pinterest boards ready, guys and girls! In this blog, we’re talking about ideas for fun bridal party photos. Sure, your wedding day is all about you and your partner … but it’s a special time for you and your best buds, too. Read on for some ideas on how to commemorate your wedding […]

Fun Bridal Party Photos

bridal party photos

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Imagine: You’re finally married. Your new spouse sweeps you onto the dance floor. Everyone’s watching. That’s right—it’s time for the first dance pictures. As your wedding photographer, I want to make sure that everything goes as amazing as possible at this special moment. Read on for a few pro tips to make this ultra-special moment […]

5 Tips to Make your First Dance Pictures more “Picture Perfect”

first dance riverhouse

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Weddings are the perfect place to snag a few professional shots of the whole family— but let’s face it. Taking family portraits can be complicated and at times, downright challenging. Fortunately, we gotcha covered. A touch of prior planning never hurt anyone. Take a look at these Family Wedding Photos Dos and Don’ts to make […]

6 Family Wedding Photos Dos and Don’ts

couple and family at wedding

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You want to make sure you look your very best in your wedding photos, right? Well, wedding skincare plays a big part in that! Believe it or not, there are things you can be doing now to make sure you have that “Wedding Day Glow” later. Read on for tips on how to get your […]

Wedding Skincare Tips for the “Special Day Glow”

flawless wedding day skin

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Your engagement shots are finally in— and they’re perfect. Dreamy. Everything you hoped for and more! But … now that you’ve got them, what do you do with them? Well, aside from drooling over how lovey-dovey you and your spouse-to-be look, there are a couple of options. Read on for ideas about how to creatively […]

Creative Ways to Incorporate Engagement Photos on Your Wedding Day

big talbot engagement session

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You probably already have an idea of how wedding photography works, what you expect to spend on wedding photographers and how the whole experience will unfold. But allow us to let you in on a little industry secret: Certain preconceived notions about wedding photography are just plain fiction!  Check out some of these common wedding […]

Debunked: Five Myths About Wedding Photography

getting ready shot